Blog Guideline

blog guideline


Number of words : 800-1000

Article must contain a title/heading, lead, sub-headings, paragraphs and an ending.


Consider the heading of your article a meta-phrase. When you write a heading try to summarize your point in three words. That may be impossible but if you can do it, you will catch a readers attention. Sometimes, you will want to use a working title until you finish your article. Afterwards, you will find writing the title much easier.


When you write a lead, remember that it summarizes the topic while saying to the reader that some conflict exists. You tease out something about the drama so the reader can see value in reading the article. Your have competition for the reader’s time so let them know right away what they will get if they read your piece. Try to stay with three sentences in your lead.

Write your conclusion at the top of your article body after the lead. For example, you might start your article with a paragraph like this:

After interviewing the participants Forrestor used in the survey, we found discrepancies in their conclusions. When asked, 78 percent of the people surveyed said they used Linux in mission critical applications instead of 34 percent. In addition, the original surveyor biased the outcome with his or her introductory remarks.

Next you begin with subheadings and  body of paragraphs.

In the last begin the ending. You will find the ending much like the conclusion at the start of your article. You want to write an ending using less formal language and a clever statement.

Ensure the following:

  • Please ensure there is NO “Plagiarism” in the Blog Content. Check yourself here:

  • Include Diagrams or flow diagrams wherever required
  • Choose catchy image to match the title

Sample of a Blog:

Data science: The big picture and why you should care

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