Campus Ambassador Program by Projectivity

College Ambassador Projectivity

Do you have project ideas and skills in your domain?

Are you waiting for an opportunity to prove your technical skills, leadership and make an impact?

If yes, you are at the right place!!

About the Program:

The Projectivity Campus Ambassador program will be a platform for the students passionate for projects and very active in various competitions, clubs and activities around the campus.

Benefits of joining Projectivity Campus Ambassador program:

  1. Work Experience Certificate to all eligible candidates on successful completion of one year program
  2. LinkedIn recommendation to all eligible candidates after completion of program
  3. You can credit yourself as a Campus Ambassador in your email signatures, LinkedIn profile, blogs, Facebook pages etc
  4. A great Projectivity portfolio to showcase your skills for jobs
  5. Personalized connect with Company people for you to help in getting job

Learning Opportunities:

  • Interact with new people from your college, university, country and all over the world
  • You may Exclusively Invite the Projectivity team to your campus for technical sessions, tech fests and placement preparations
  • Campus ambassadors are preferred for Paid internships and Project of the month program


  • On-boarding Students on the Projectivity Platform
  • Organizing and managing Projectivity presence in college fests and other technical events
  • Involve Students in participating in various contests happening on Projectivity Platform
  • Digital marketing (managing college specific Facebook page, College Projectivity Group)
  • Conducting workshops, Classes and seminars in your college.
  • Involve students from first to final year to actively participate in Projectivity activities and contributions. Contributions can be manifold like:
    • Articles
    • Technical blogs
    • Projects
    • Programming problems
    • Interview experiences
    • Programming codes etc
  • Connect us to clubs and placement cells to your college

Who can apply?

Students having strong leadership, networking and great communication skills and last but not the least students with immense love for projects are most welcome to become our extending arms in your campus.

How to Apply?


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