python project for beginner

Python – Mini Project : Buy or Not Buy

This project is very good for Beginner level students who wants to start their journey into Python and later on to Data Science.

Project Features

Good for Beginner Level
100 points for Enrolling in Project
200 points for Submitting Solution

5/5 (1) 12+ Enrolled Learners
2 Lessons

Project Problem Statement

An E-commerce company in India wants to know if a person will buy a particular product or not. List of successful campaigns is given in attached dataset. People with these professions,marital status and age group tend to buy the products. You have to come up with program which reads the file and builds a set of unique profession list particular age and given input profession and age of the people – system tells whether people will buy or not.

Business Benefit

Current system does not differentiates people based on age and profession and Company does not want to waste time on people who does not want to buy the product. By implementing this project, Company can achieve between 15% to 20% higher conversion by targeting right customers.


You have to use basics of Python

  1. Read file customer-data.csv
  2. Build a set of unique jobs
  3. Extract the age information from the data and find which age group is more dominating
  4. Read the input from command line –profession and age
  5. Check if  profession is in list
  6. Print  whether people will buy
We would like you to try out first on your own. You will get solution of project after 1 week of enrollment.

Course Materials

Input Data Set can be taken from:

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