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Python – Mini Project : Banking ID Verification

This project is very good for Begineer level students who wants to start their journey into Python.

Project Features

Good for Beginner Level
100 points for Enrolling in Project
200 points for Submitting Solution

5/5 (2) 40+ Enrolled Learners
2 Lessons

Project Problem Statement

STI is new bank which started operating in US. Government of US has recently introduced SocialAadhar ID which is mapped to finger prints of user. STI need to verify users against the finger print and SocialAadharID.

Business Benefit

STI will be able to create bank accounts quickly as verification will be done automatically.

Key Issues

You need to build a system where when user enters SocialAadharID it is encrypted, so that hackers cannot view the mapping of SocialAadharID and finger print

You have to use basics of Python

  1. Read the input from command line – SocialAadharID.
  2. Check for validity – it should be 12 digits and allows on number and alphabet
  3. Encrypt the SocialAadharID and print it for reference.
We would like you to try out first on your own. You will get solution of project after 1 week of enrollment.

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