Python – Mini Project : Housing Scheme

This project is very good for Intermediate level students who have taken few steps into Python and later on want to go into Data Science.

Project Features

Good for Intermediate Level
100 points for Enrolling in Project
500 points for Submitting Solution

5/5 (2) 27+ Enrolled Learners
2 Lessons

Project Problem Statement

Government has decided to give free houses to those citizens who have high social score stored in their database. The government has a list of blacklisted citizens and high social score citizens. Now you have to automate the process of giving free houses to good citizens alone and raise an exception error for blacklisted citizens. Data given to you is not in correct format. Change the format as given in the approach to solve.

Business Benefit

Government can efficiently choose the good citizens for giving free house.

Key Issues

It’s a big database. What we provided is a sample of the population data. So try to make the code as efficient as possible.

Approach to Solve:

  1. Read Citizendata.csv
  2. Name field contains full name – use regular expression to separate title, first name, last name
  3. Store the data in CitizenClass
  4. Create Custom Exception –citizenNotAllowedException
  5. Pass a customer to function "createHouseOrder" and throw citizenNotAllowedException in case of blacklisted value is 1
  6. Measure the running time of your code and compare it with our solution running time.
We would like you to try out first on your own. You will get solution of project after 1 week of enrollment.

Course Materials

Input Data Set can be taken from:

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